January 15, 2015

26 06.8 N 96 29.6 W


06:00 WINDS N 30 K GUSTING TO 35 K; SEAS: 7′ – 8′

LAST ETA PILOT STATION AS OF 1/14/15 WAS 07:00 01/16/15

20 Responses to “CORBIN FOSS/USS CONSTELLATION – 01/15/15”

  1. Richard Simms

    Looking forward to seeing the Connie again. I spent 4 yrs on it during Vietnam Nam. Will any x crew be able to go on board before scrapping starts?

    • Lowell Kaub

      The boat would be unsafe In its current condition
      Once it clears the entrance to the canal it belongs to the salvagers who would not take on the liability
      Look but dont touch

    • vanita

      Is there a time she will come thru the ship channel at south padre?

  2. Jerry Brown

    Please let me know when we can see Connie from Port Isabel. I would like to get to a place where I can see her moving up the channel.

  3. Fred

    About what central time will it arrive on Brazos Island (Boca Chica Jetties) ship channel tomorrow Jan/16/2015??

  4. Pat Mikulecky

    What time will the USS Constitution go through the Padre Island Channel on the way to Brownsville, TX

  5. Robert Fernandez

    Does the ETA refers to the South Padre Jetties/mouth entrance?
    our readers are following you in our social media outlets…
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Donald Pilkey

    I would like to visit the Connie again before she is scrapped out. How can that be done?


  7. James E. Preuss

    It sounds like the old girl (remember the buttons “Connie is My Girl”) is putting up a fight before going to her finale!

  8. Patricia A Chancey

    It was absolutely exciting watching the Corbin Foss tow the USS Constellation into the South Padre Island Jetties this morning.

  9. Mailyn Evers

    It was a wonderful experience to see the tug boats and the Connie come through the channel. I felt like I should salute the ship or hear the national anthem played. It was awesome to be on the beach with all the others to see it come to the port.

  10. John Mato

    who we’re lucky people who got to ride onboard as Connie was towed into the channel? As a pilot in Vietnam Nam I looked on the carrier many times but never thought 40+ years later I would see her final journey.

    • Mary Beedle

      They were the owner’s representatives for the tow to ISL yard.