The Project:

In 2014, Foss escorted the USS Constellation aircraft carrier on her historic final voyage. The Kitty Hawk-class supercarrier, nicknamed “Connie” by her crew, was successfully towed by ocean tug Corbin Foss from Bremerton Naval Shipyard to Brownsville, Texas to be retired and scrapped. The 16,000-mile journey took 160 days, with Foss guiding the massive vessel along Mexico and Central and South America, passing through the Straits of Magellan before heading north to Texas.

Services Provided:

  • Harbor Services
  • Ship Assist & Escort
  • Project Logistics
  • Voyage Planning
  • Ocean Towing


  • The USS Constellation is 1088 ft long, making it too large to travel through the Panama Canal, which is the traditional route to the Gulf Coast
  • Tug Lindsey Foss escorted the Connie from the Bremerton Naval Base to Blake Island where they handed the tow to the Corbin Foss
  • Completed the 16,000-mile journey in 160 days despite encountering gale force winds and massive seas
  • Orchestrated a global operations effort for fueling, pilots, assist tugs, and supplies in seven countries
  • Worked in a collaborative effort with a second tug company that assisted during the Pacific, South American portion of the tow