The Project:

The multi-purpose vessel, the Strong Mariner, transported sensitive cargo for a joint US-Australian military exercise conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Handling the cargo logistics and transportation, voyage planning, load and discharge operations, Foss delivered on time to a remote location with limited infrastructure.

Services Provided:

  • Military Cargo Transportation
  • Project Cargo & Logistics
  • Voyage Planning
  • Discharge Operations


  • Oversaw cargo logistics and transportation throughout the world in support of the US Military’s training exercises
  • Transported over 50,000 square feet of sensitive cargo between Japan and Western Australia for the international joint-military exercise Talisman Sabre
  • Safely loaded and discharged cargo at ports with limited infrastructure requiring self-sustaining vessels
  • Provided armed security on an as-needed basis to protect the sensitive cargo