Foss Hoists ‘Green Flag’ Over Long Beach

Company wins Port of Long Beach award for world’s first hybrid tug

LONG BEACH, May, 6, 2009 – Foss Maritime Company has been awarded the Port of Long Beach’s Green Flag Environmental Achievement Award for its low-emission hybrid tug, the Carolyn Dorothy, the world’s first such vessel.

“This is our way of thanking Foss for its commitment to reducing pollution in the Southern California Basin and the company’s ongoing support of the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan,” said Rafael Delgado, the Port of Long Beach’s Green Flag administrator.

“The Carolyn Dorothy is a testimony to Foss’ commitment to research and developing technology that achieve clean air goals. The company can fly the green flag with pride.”

The Carolyn Dorothy, which was built in partnership with the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles at Foss’ Rainier, OR, shipyard, arrived in southern California in late January. It is home ported in Long Beach.

Unlike higher emission conventional tugs, the Carolyn Dorothy’s hybrid technology relies on batteries and an active power management system to minimize engine use. When the engines are used, they run at power levels that maximize efficiency, unlike older harbor tugs that spend approximately 60 percent of their time at less efficient low power levels. Main engine emissions reductions from using the Carolyn Dorothy are approximately 44 percent for particle emissions and nitrous oxide. Fuel consumption is expected to decrease by 20 to 30 percent with a commensurate reduction in sulfur dioxide and carbon emissions

“We appreciate Long Beach’s recognition of the hybrid,” said Susan Hayman, Vice President of Environmental and Corporate Development for Foss Maritime. “Any time you introduce cutting edge technologies there are barriers that you must overcome. Our company’s commitment to the hybrid project has been unwavering. And we have developed a tremendous partnership with the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles in the process.”